Download Source Code ConditionerJS 1.2.2

Rik Schennink is announcing that ConditionerJS with version number 1.2.2 is already available to download.

What is ConditionerJS ?

ConditionerJS is .

ConditionerJS (or just conditioner.js) lets developers write a series of conditions (criteria) based on which a JavaScript module (widget) will be loaded and displayed, or even hidden when they occur. As you can tell for yourself, such a behavior can be a really useful technique for developers looking to optimize their users’ experience on the site and produce optimized products and services. Basically developers can sniff for various browser features, environment details, and user-agent string details, and then use these results to deliver the proper content to the user, based on the device and browser he’s using to access a website. ConditionerJS comes with a set of ready-made monitors, but new ones can also be created and added by any developer. The standard monitors are: – check if element is visible on the page – check viewport minimum width – check viewport minimum height – check viewport maximum width – check viewport maximum height – check element minimum width – check element minimum height – check element maximum width – check element maximum height – check to see if media query is supported – check for a specific media query – check to see if the user is online or offline – check to see if a user is using a fine mouse pointer device – check distance from mouse pointer to a specified element There’s basically no flaw in the principles and philosophy behind a tool like ConditionerJS, and if it would be up to us, we’d recommend such a tool (or something similar) be used on all Web products.

This is changelog for ConditionerJS version 1.2.2 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

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