Download Source Code CosCms 7.36

Dennis Iversen is announcing that CosCms with version number 7.36 is already available to download.

What is CosCms ?

CosCms is .

CosCms is easy to use, manage and fully-extendable via templates and modules. It is an easy system to work with and it is ideal for smaller websites where most of the times regular CMSs are just too bulky and hard to edit. CosCms is more of a CMF (content management framework) than an actual CMS, allowing developers to create custom CMS setups based on each project’s requirements. Of course you can still use the default setup to get a website started, the basic modules providing a wide range of features and functionality. Overall, CosCms is a lightweight solution that is ideal for battle-hardened developers which know exactly what they want from their CMSs and aren’t impressed by shiny GUIs.

This is changelog for CosCms version 7.36 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

CosCms - CosCms can be extended via modules when neededCosCms - Multiple content types are supported with CosCmsCosCms - Content can be organized and categorized with tagsCosCms - A blogging module is included with CosCmsCosCms - Support is included for WYSIWYG content editingCosCms - A gallery module is also provided for managing image albumsCosCms - Admins can also edit their own profiles if neededCosCms - Lots of customizable settings are included with the CMS' admin panelCosCms - Language and time settings are some of the customizable optionsCosCms - A menu manager is also provided for editing the navigation systemCosCms - CosCms also supports "blocks" as a way to reuse the site's content on multiple pages

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