Download Source Code ExpressionEngine 3.2.1

EllisLab, Inc. is announcing that ExpressionEngine with version number 3.2.1 is already available to download.

What is ExpressionEngine ?

ExpressionEngine is .

ExpressionEngine is a very advanced PHP and MySQL content management system (CMS) that has garnered a very dedicated community around it, community that contributes modules, themes, and tutorials on a regular basis. ExpressionEngine is quite an advanced tool, created by top PHP programmers for other similarly skilled developers. It uses complex PHP features to let webmasters build websites using custom requirements and page structures, sites that are usually very hard to build with fixed-system CMSs like Joomla or WordPress. The entire CMS is easy to install, features the classic administration panel, and can be deployed on most Web hosting platforms. While there’s enough functionality in the core to build most website types, add-ons will help built specific site types like blogs, forums, wikis, and so on.

This is changelog for ExpressionEngine version 3.2.1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

ExpressionEngine - A new installer is included with ExpressionEngine 3ExpressionEngine - A revamped admin panel awaits users in the EE3 backendExpressionEngine - Channels are like nodes on Drupal, representing pagesExpressionEngine - Content can be managed very easily and seamlessly from the ExpressionEngine backendExpressionEngine - A file manager and many other more utilities are included with EE3ExpressionEngine - screenshot #6ExpressionEngine - screenshot #7ExpressionEngine - screenshot #8ExpressionEngine - screenshot #9ExpressionEngine - screenshot #10ExpressionEngine - screenshot #11ExpressionEngine - screenshot #12ExpressionEngine - screenshot #13ExpressionEngine - screenshot #14

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