Download Source Code FusionInvoice 2016-6

Jesse Terry is announcing that FusionInvoice with version number 2016-6 is already available to download.

What is FusionInvoice ?

FusionInvoice is .

FusionInvoice was developed on top of the CodeIgniter PHP framework. It was created for professionals and freelancers, being perfect for managing small or large customer portfolios. FusionInvoice can handle any type of business activity, has low installation requirements, and can work with most Web hosting providers. FusionInvoice is also adapted to work with mobile devices, coming packed with a responsive interface that adapts to the available viewport size. The suite is packed with lots of features and provides a self-hosted CRM for managing invoices, customers, quotes, payments and tax zones amongst others.

This is changelog for FusionInvoice version 2016-6 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

FusionInvoice - FusionInvoice accounts are all password-protectedFusionInvoice - The FusionInvoice gives a quick overview of all recent activityFusionInvoice - Users can manage a list of their clients, along with details about each of them, and a list of invoices and quotesFusionInvoice - screenshot #4FusionInvoice - screenshot #5FusionInvoice - Quotes for various projects can be managed via the FusionInvoice backendFusionInvoice - screenshot #7FusionInvoice - Invoices can be managed in the same mannerFusionInvoice - screenshot #9FusionInvoice - Payments can be entered for an invoice...FusionInvoice - ... and it will appear in the payments sectionFusionInvoice - A reports center is also included with FusionInvoice, letting developers keep track of their activityFusionInvoice - Various system settings can be tweaked in the FusionInvoice backendFusionInvoice - Multiple user accounts can be created, in case FusionInvoice is used by a teamFusionInvoice - screenshot #15FusionInvoice - New data can be imported into the system with easeFusionInvoice - FusionInvoice also allows developers to manage payment methods, tax rates, groups, and custom fields

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