Download Source Code Jamroom 5.2.41

Talldude Networks, LLC is announcing that Jamroom with version number 5.2.41 is already available to download.

What is Jamroom ?

Jamroom is .

What started once as a CMS for building artist or band websites has slowly turned into one of the most powerful community builders on the Internet. Jamroom is a powerful toolkit for building social networks that revolve around the concept of user accounts, shared and private activity streams. This concept is widely used in many popular social networks today, and using Jamroom some of you can try and challenge some of their supremacy. The default Jamroom package is just the core with a few basic modules for getting webmasters started. All other functionality is installed via modules, available for free or for a small fee via the Jamroom marketplace, which can even be accessed from the Jamroom backend. As a system in whole, Jamroom is very customizable and allows administrators full control over a plethora of features and settings regular CMSs don’t. If you’re looking into installing a forum for getting an online community together, you should seriously test Jamroom in prior and see if it doesn’t fit your requirements better.

This is changelog for Jamroom version 5.2.41 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Jamroom - Jamroom includes a helpful installation wizardJamroom - The first registered user will be the site's Super AdminJamroom - Once logged in, the admin can start editing Jamroom settingsJamroom - Various webmaster tools are included with the Jamroom core packageJamroom - Jamroom supports multi-lingual installations and locally managed translationsJamroom - A Web-based file manager is packed with the Jamroom coreJamroom - Every site template file can be edited from the Jamroom backendJamroom - A core health checker is included with JamroomJamroom - Jamroom supports themes for customizing the frontend interfaceJamroom - For each theme, various settings and tweaks can be made to customize itJamroom - Jamroom can also be extended via modulesJamroom - Adding static pages is also supported via a WYSIWYG editing experienceJamroom - Jamroom is also a multi-user systemJamroom - For every user, the admin can change settings and tweak various optionsJamroom - Each user also has access to his own personal profile pageJamroom - The Jamroom frontend is where all the site's activity will be printed out

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