Download Source Code Laverna 0.7.1

Laverna Development Team is announcing that Laverna with version number 0.7.1 is already available to download.

What is Laverna ?

Laverna is .

Laverna is a little bit like Evernote, only its open source, it can work locally, online and offline, and can be used without any restrictions. Laverna uses a Markdown WYSIWYG editor to let users add and style their notes, saving each of them in a notebook. Tags can also be added for easier searches, while a password can be added to the entire Laverna installation to make sure nobody accesses the application without proper credentials. The note-taking app is packed full of keyboard shortcuts for a faster and easier control over the interface, which also includes support for mobile devices out of the box. Laverna supports three editing modes, and can also save the entered content to a Dropbox account. Grunt, Bower, and Node.js are required to build the app, but once setup, Laverna can be used locally or hosted online without any other server-side JS technology.

This is changelog for Laverna version 0.7.1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Laverna - Laverna is a simple note-taking application for storing various messages, to-dos, lists, and so onLaverna - Laverna is simple to use and comes with a WYSIWYG editing experienceLaverna - Various editing modes are available, either right in the Laverna UI, or via a new fullscreen browser windowLaverna - Laverna supports multiple notebooks and tagged contentLaverna - Various configuration options are available via the Laverna settings panelLaverna - When encryption is turned on, accessing the Laverna UI is done only after the proper password has been entered

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