Download Source Code LuxCal – SQLite 4.3.0

LuxSoft is announcing that LuxCal – SQLite with version number 4.3.0 is already available to download.

What is LuxCal – SQLite ?

LuxCal – SQLite is .

LuxCal is easy installable and once setup can be used only by you, or shared amongst a group of people working on the same tasks. The application lets admins organize events and tasks into different categories, and if the category numbers get out of hand, they can easily color-code them to spot them easily in the calendar. There are daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views, where users can review upcoming events and to-do lists, while also subscribing to notifications via email or RSS. All events are stored in the local database, and if you want to export them, there’s support for the iCal format. As you can tell by now, LuxCal is a pretty professional application which can be easily installed on almost all of today’s Web hosting ISPs and used without any problems. There’s also a version of LuxCal working on top of MySQL databases.

This is changelog for LuxCal – SQLite version 4.3.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

LuxCal - SQLite - LuxCal comes with an easy to follow installation procedureLuxCal - SQLite - Once setup, the LuxCal calendar will let users add their eventsLuxCal - SQLite - The user can check events on a weekly or daily basisLuxCal - SQLite - A built-in search utility lets users search for various tasks, events and to-dosLuxCal - SQLite - Admins and users that have registered can easily log into their accountsLuxCal - SQLite - The LuxCal backend lets admins modify the calendar's features and settingsLuxCal - SQLite - Event categories can be added and managed from the backendLuxCal - SQLite - LuxCal also comes with support for managing the user accounts and user groupsLuxCal - SQLite - screenshot #9LuxCal - SQLite - The LuxCal database can me managed and backed up from the admin panelLuxCal - SQLite - Events can be imported and exported in iCal and CSV formatsLuxCal - SQLite - screenshot #12LuxCal - SQLite - screenshot #13LuxCal - SQLite - When events have been added, they can be color coded based on their categoryLuxCal - SQLite - Users can view a program for each of their upcoming daysLuxCal - SQLite - Clicking on an event opens a popup with more details about itLuxCal - SQLite - Adding a new event is also a very easy task for all users with the appropriate permissions

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