Download Source Code M8tro Bootstrap 3.3.6

Jan T. Sott is announcing that M8tro Bootstrap with version number 3.3.6 is already available to download.

What is M8tro Bootstrap ?

M8tro Bootstrap is .

M8tro Bootstrap comes with support for most of the default Bootstrap UI components, all the major modifications being done only to their visual style, all being adapted to Microsoft’s famous Metro design language, renamed currently to Modern UI. This design language premiered with Windows 8 and is currently a stable component of Microsoft’s unified approach to design and style patterns used for its desktop and mobile operating systems. At its core, M8tro Bootstrap is nothing more than a modified version of Bootstrap, a basic Bootstrap theme that can help you create Web apps that look like Metro interfaces. You can use it as any other Bootstrap installation, the only thing changed being the graphic style, M8tro Bootstrap using the same syntax and methodology.

This is changelog for M8tro Bootstrap version 3.3.6 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

M8tro Bootstrap - M8tro Bootstrap combines Metro UI styles with Bootstrap componentsM8tro Bootstrap - Support is included for basic buttons, navbars, typography elements and table stylesM8tro Bootstrap - screenshot #3M8tro Bootstrap - M8tro Bootstrap also supports basic form elements, pagers, pills, tab panels, and breadcrumbsM8tro Bootstrap - screenshot #5M8tro Bootstrap - Other more specialized components like alerts, labels, badges, progress bars, jumbotrons, panels, and modals are also includedM8tro Bootstrap - screenshot #7M8tro Bootstrap - screenshot #8M8tro Bootstrap - screenshot #9M8tro Bootstrap - screenshot #10

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