Download Source Code MediacenterJS 0.1.3

Jan Smolders is announcing that MediacenterJS with version number 0.1.3 is already available to download.

What is MediacenterJS ?

MediacenterJS is .

MediacenterJS can be used as a local media center for your own computer only, or it can be hosted online and allow users to access multimedia files in an easy manner. There are 3 main sections on your media center page. There’s a section for listing all your video files, one for your music albums, and a special section for TV shows. You add files for each of these sections in separate directions and then all these files will appear on your media center interface, ready to be viewed or streamed to your users. The MediacenterJS interface was modeled after the Windows 8 Metro style, is translation-ready and accessible from desktops, smartphones, and smart TVs. Besides the regular Web interface MediacenterJS also comes with a mobile app that you can install on your smartphone and convert it into a remote for your local media center. There’s also a section in MediacenterJS where users can also search and view YouTube videos, and even a simple weather app for showing your local weather forecasts. For more apps that support other multimedia file types like podcasts, radio streams, GrooveShark, Google Music, or Spotify, the platform can be extended via easy-to-install plugins.

This is changelog for MediacenterJS version 0.1.3 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

MediacenterJS - The first time you access MediacenterJS, you'll have to set it upMediacenterJS - The MediacenterJS frontpage will let users access various multimedia file resourcesMediacenterJS - There's a movies section where people can watch filmsMediacenterJS - screenshot #4MediacenterJS - There's also a music section where users can listen to albums and songsMediacenterJS - screenshot #6MediacenterJS - screenshot #7MediacenterJS - You can also stream TV shows as wellMediacenterJS - MediacenterJS can also be extended via special pluginsMediacenterJS - The MediacenterJS settings page is where various tweaks can be made to the systemMediacenterJS - For Windows users an automated installer is also included

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