Download Source Code mooflot 0.7.9

Sergio Crisostomo is announcing that mooflot with version number 0.7.9 is already available to download.

What is mooflot ?

mooflot is .

Flot is an advanced jQuery plugin for creating and displaying charts in the browser. It is a widely used tool and pretty famous amongst developers. mooflot tries to port some of Flot’s code and functionality to MooTools, providing a solid base on which to build MooTools solely powered charts, without the jQuery dependency. There are some differences nevertheless, but they are detailed in the README file and are not that crucial. Supported chart types: Line Bar Pie Animated/moving charts

This is changelog for mooflot version 0.7.9 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

mooflot - mooflot can be used in drawing simple pie chartsmooflot - mooflot is a charting library for MooTools, perfect for rendering stacked bar chartsmooflot - mooflot also supports drawing normal bar charts as wellmooflot - mooflot can be used to display line charts with pointsmooflot - Curved line charts are also supportedmooflot - Normal line charts can be drawn using the mooflot MooTools class as well

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