Download Source Code NukeViet 3.4.02 / 4.0.27 Beta

VINADES.,JSC. is announcing that NukeViet with version number 3.4.02 / 4.0.27 Beta is already available to download.

What is NukeViet ?

NukeViet is .

NukeViet permits easy website development and deployment, allowing the administrator to manage his website using a graphic user interface. This CMS specifically targets developers that need an alternative to larger, bulkier CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, but still want the power they provide. An installation wizard is included to help new users set it up on their servers, and once this is done, the admin panel is password-protected to avoid unauthorized access to the site management tools. NukeViet works on top of a simple MySQL database, supports multi-lingual installations, and also can be customized and extended via themes and modules. Other tools are also included, like a sitemap generator for easier content discovery through online search engines, an events log to help debugging tasks, and a statistics feature to analyze the site’s traffic. The database can also be backed up at regular interfaces to prevent data loss, and files can be uploaded and managed in the NukeViet backend via a specially crafted file browser. All in all the CMS is more than mature and powerful enough to handle basic website projects, and can be used by an international crowd, not only by Vietnamese programmers.

This is changelog for NukeViet version 3.4.02 / 4.0.27 Beta :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

NukeViet - Graphic installerNukeViet - Protected login systemNukeViet - Admin dashboardNukeViet - Activity logNukeViet - Adding a new article via a WYSIWYG editorNukeViet - Listing articles/pagesNukeViet - Listing CMS registered usersNukeViet - Editing user detailsNukeViet - Adding advertising bannersNukeViet - Managing site pollsNukeViet - General site configNukeViet - Database backup utilityNukeViet - General site meta data configNukeViet - Managing sitemap updatesNukeViet - Adding a new languageNukeViet - Module managerNukeViet - Theme and layout controllerNukeViet - File browserNukeViet - Default CMS themeNukeViet - Listing an articleNukeViet - Site statistics

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