Download Source Code Open Atrium 2.71

Phase2 Technology is announcing that Open Atrium with version number 2.71 is already available to download.

What is Open Atrium ?

Open Atrium is .

In case you really love Drupal, you can use Open Atrium to setup your own Web-based project management website, create complex Web portals or even run entire company Intranets. Open Atrium is free script that adds new features on top of the famous Drupal CMS that will allow webmasters more control over data sharing, custom dashboards, document sharing, project tracking and so on. It was created so it can allow users an easier way for sharing data and following each others without the admin needing to install tens or hundreds of smaller Drupal modules. Open Atrium can be easily deployed anywhere and will work just like any Drupal site, but benefiting from a much more easier to manage administration interface. Because Open Atrium is basically Drupal at its core, it’s also easy to extend, easy to scale up or down and as easy to customize as any Drupal site.

This is changelog for Open Atrium version 2.71 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: Open Atrium - Onve everything setup, the portal's homepage is where all the activity streams will show up

Open Atrium - Open Atrium includes a simple installer, just like Drupal's ownOpen Atrium - Onve everything setup, the portal's homepage is where all the activity streams will show upOpen Atrium - Admins can easily add custom dashboards whenever needed, based on the activity they want to followOpen Atrium - An administration dashboard is included with every Open Atrium installationOpen Atrium - Admins can add new user groups at any time from the backendOpen Atrium - A special dashboard is provided for each added groupOpen Atrium - For each user, a profile and activity page are availableOpen Atrium - Users can add blogs and articles from their profilesOpen Atrium - Various administration settings are provided via the Open Atrium menusOpen Atrium - A sidebar menu with more administration options is also included

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