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Daniel Kerr is announcing that OpenCart with version number / is already available to download.

What is OpenCart ?

OpenCart is .

OpenCart provides merchants with a solid solution for creating their own online businesses and stores at minimal costs. The platform comes with a lot of tools allowing every store to be modeled around its products, clients, and local environment. As with any professional tool there’s a visual installation assistant to help you get it set up on your servers, and once everything up and running you can then log into the admin panel and start adding his content. The administrative dashboard has had a complete revamp in the 2.x series and is now fully responsive, allowing admins to manage their store even from mobile and tablet devices now. The admin accounts are kept separate from the site profiles, the latter being used to record information about customers and keep a history of their activity on the store. The main difference being that customers a frontend profile while administrative users only have a backend account. All the classic store management features and controls are included with the new version, and some of them are even better than before. The admin interface moves pretty fast overall, and we found it to be a refreshing take on the overly cluttered admin panels that most online platforms come in. Admins can manage their store’s product catalog, the fine details of each product, the attributes and fields on each product page, customers, their orders, the invoices, the active payment gateways, shipping details, tax zones, user comments, coupons, vouchers, manufactures, the current product stock, and various product and customer categories and groups. But that’s only scratching the surface for what OpenCart can actually do. Admins can also host multiple stores from the same OpenCart installation, can run localized versions of their shops in different languages, support multiple currencies and tax rates, and add custom shipping costs accordingly. The store’s core can also be modified via modules, modifications, and extensions, while its look & style can be altered via page templates, storefront skins, and an easy to use page layout manager. On the frontend, OpenCart customers can view products organized in categories, based on recent discounts and special offers, they can also filter the large product catalog, and even compare different products with each other. There’s a standard theme included with all OpenCart installs, the classic shopping cart widget, a seamless checkout process, a simple customer registration and login system, and pretty comprehensive product pages. Besides these standard product pages, administrators can also create and publish their very own static pages, using a classic WYSIWYG editor. With this recent release, OpenCart has firmly placed itself in the top category of e-commerce platforms, right next to other tools like Magento and PrestaShop.

This is changelog for OpenCart version / :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

OpenCart - OpenCart comes with an simple to use installation wizardOpenCart - Admins have a special backend where they can loginOpenCart - The store dashboard provides all the recent information about recent store activityOpenCart - OpenCart ships with an easy to use product catalog sectionOpenCart - Details about the products, categories, product filters, and custom attributes and options can be managedOpenCart - screenshot #6OpenCart - screenshot #7OpenCart - screenshot #8OpenCart - screenshot #9OpenCart - Information about manufactures, downloadable products, user reviews, and static pages can also be editedOpenCart - screenshot #11OpenCart - screenshot #12OpenCart - screenshot #13OpenCart - screenshot #14OpenCart - Default OpenCart functionality can be extended via extensions and modulesOpenCart - screenshot #16OpenCart - screenshot #17OpenCart - Details about shipping, payments, order totals and feeds can also be editedOpenCart - screenshot #19OpenCart - screenshot #20OpenCart - screenshot #21OpenCart - OpenCart also features a special section for managing sale orders, product returns, and the customer accountsOpenCart - screenshot #23OpenCart - screenshot #24OpenCart - screenshot #25OpenCart - screenshot #26OpenCart - screenshot #27OpenCart - screenshot #28OpenCart - screenshot #29OpenCart - Admins can also ban users, manage gift vouchers, and search through past PayPal transactionsOpenCart - screenshot #31OpenCart - screenshot #32OpenCart - Webmasters can also manage marketing campaigns, affiliate programs, coupon codes, and email newslettersOpenCart - screenshot #34OpenCart - screenshot #35OpenCart - screenshot #36OpenCart - screenshot #37OpenCart - OpenCart also comes with support for adding multiple storesOpenCart - screenshot #39OpenCart - A simple layout engine lets admins customize the OpenCart frontendOpenCart - screenshot #41OpenCart - screenshot #42OpenCart - Admin user accounts can be added from the OpenCart backend as wellOpenCart - screenshot #44OpenCart - screenshot #45OpenCart - An API can also let programmers access the store's dataOpenCart - Various localization tools are also included with the OpenCart platformOpenCart - screenshot #48OpenCart - Admins can also manage the store's currencies, stock, order, and return statusesOpenCart - screenshot #50OpenCart - screenshot #51OpenCart - screenshot #52OpenCart - Geo and tax zones, along with length and weight classes can also be managed from the OpenCart backendOpenCart - screenshot #54OpenCart - screenshot #55OpenCart - screenshot #56OpenCart - Various administration tools also ship with OpenCart to help webmasters manage their storesOpenCart - screenshot #58OpenCart - screenshot #59OpenCart - A reports and statistics center is also included for reviewing store activityOpenCart - On the frontend we find all the useful shopping tools and standard pagesOpenCart - screenshot #62OpenCart - screenshot #63OpenCart - screenshot #64OpenCart - screenshot #65OpenCart - screenshot #66OpenCart - screenshot #67

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