Download Source Code Pagekit 0.10.1

YOOtheme is announcing that Pagekit with version number 0.10.1 is already available to download.

What is Pagekit ?

Pagekit is .

Pagekit uses Symfony packages to put together a top-shelf quality CMS product that every can deploy and use it to create their own kind of websites. Leveraging on Symfony’s capabilities, Pagekit can be used from any small scale website up to huge projects like Intranets, Web portals and so on. Everything is customizable in a Pagekit CMS, from the page and blog’s content, to the menus, widgets, and user permissions. While the product is relatively new and under constant development, the CMS can be used for building production level websites, taking advantage of the latest coding standards and development patterns. And the best thing about it is that this isn’t a small project from a lonesome developer that might go inactive at any point and leave you stranded with a dead CMS core, but a very big name in the Web development industry, a company that is shifting its entire business model to take care of and cater for Pagekit users & clients. So you can rest assured they’ll provide the appropriate support for this project.

This is changelog for Pagekit version 0.10.1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Pagekit - Pagekit comes packed with an automated installation wizardPagekit - Once everything is setup correctly, the user can authenticate in the CMS' backendPagekit - The first screen an admin sees is his dashboardPagekit - The admin can easily customize his own profilePagekit - Support is included for multiple user accounts with PagekitPagekit - Admins can manage both user roles and their adjacent permissionsPagekit - screenshot #7Pagekit - A basic static page manager is included with PagekitPagekit - Pagekit comes with an easy to use WYSIWYG editorPagekit - Widgets can be added to the site's frontend with repetitive contentPagekit - Pagekit also ships with a very easy to use menu managerPagekit - Each menu item can be edited on its ownPagekit - A blogging module allows users to run a news-like websitePagekit - screenshot #14Pagekit - Pagekit also comes with a comments moderation featurePagekit - The Pagekit settings panel is where all CMS options can be tweakedPagekit - screenshot #17Pagekit - screenshot #18Pagekit - screenshot #19Pagekit - screenshot #20Pagekit - screenshot #21Pagekit - Pagekit can be extended via various modules, with some of them coming included out of the boxPagekit - Pagekit also supports themes for customizing the site's frontendPagekit - The backend dashboard can be customized as wellPagekit - An automatic update manager is included with Pagekit just like with WordPress, Drupal, and JoomlaPagekit - Custom URL aliases can be managed in the backendPagekit - A debug screen with various type of info can also be accessedPagekit - The Pagekit cache can be cleared at any momentPagekit - Hovering the mouse over the Pagekit logo reveals the admin menuPagekit - A default theme is included with the Pagekit package

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