Download Source Code pgBadger 8.0

Dalibo is announcing that pgBadger with version number 8.0 is already available to download.

What is pgBadger ?

pgBadger is .

pgBadger started out as a small Linux CLI tool that helped database administrators analyze PostgreSQL log files. The project has seen a good adoption rate and development has evolved to produce a more complete product, now with a Web-based GUI included, written in Perl and packed with lots of cool features. The pgBadger interface works by reading PostgreSQL log files, organizing the data, and then plotting out various data details using a JavaScript charting library. This makes reading the log data much easier and provide a quicker and easier to understand overview of what’s happening in the database. Logs for multiple days, months, and years can be kept, and various database (logged) details can be checked out. pgBadger currently works with normal log files, as well as gzip compressed file. The script is also able to handle log files at extremely large sizes.

This is changelog for pgBadger version 8.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

pgBadger - pgBadger is a Web-based log analyzer for PostgreSQL databasespgBadger - Developers can use it to analyze the status of database connections, sessions, checkpoints, an restart pointspgBadger - screenshot #3pgBadger - screenshot #4pgBadger - pgBadger can also track temporary files, vacuums, data locks, and database queriespgBadger - screenshot #6pgBadger - screenshot #7pgBadger - screenshot #8pgBadger - Statistics about top queries and events are also availablepgBadger - screenshot #10pgBadger - Logs can be tracked for each day individually

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