Download Source Code phpBB 3.1.8

phpBB Team is announcing that phpBB with version number 3.1.8 is already available to download.

What is phpBB ?

phpBB is .

phpBB is considered one of the best open source forum scripts around, being mature enough to be used without problems in any project that might need a discussion board added to it. Created back in 2000, phpBB was at one point the absolute leader in forum software. Since then it has been copied and mimicked by countless of other bulletin boards, all trying to achieve its success and user reputation. While its market share has shrunk, phpBB still has a dedicated following, and a huge database of themes and mods that contribute to its versatility and attractiveness. The forum is easy to install via a simple setup wizard, and comes with an advanced administration panel, full of features and moderation controls. The forum admin is always in full control of his boards, being capable of editing and managing everything from the UI, to smileys, user profiles, and up to content itself. All of these allow developers to use phpBB as a support center, community page, documentation tool, and for many many more other scenarios.

This is changelog for phpBB version 3.1.8 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

phpBB - All phpBB installations come with an administrative dashboardphpBB - Here developers can customize every facet of their sitephpBB - Anything can be edited, from attachment to board, avatar, PM, signature, and feed settingsphpBB - screenshot #4phpBB - screenshot #5phpBB - screenshot #6phpBB - screenshot #7phpBB - screenshot #8phpBB - screenshot #9phpBB - screenshot #10phpBB - screenshot #11phpBB - A special contact page has been added to the phpBB systemphpBB - Custom forum authentication methods can be usedphpBB - Email, Jabber, cookie, server, security and search details can be customized in the phpBB backendphpBB - screenshot #15phpBB - screenshot #16phpBB - screenshot #17phpBB - screenshot #18phpBB - screenshot #19phpBB - screenshot #20phpBB - Forums and categories can be managed from the phpBB admin panelphpBB - Each forum can be customized in more detailphpBB - BBcode, messaging, posting, topic icons, smilies, word filters and attachments can be managed from a special "Posting" sectionphpBB - screenshot #24phpBB - screenshot #25phpBB - screenshot #26phpBB - screenshot #27phpBB - screenshot #28phpBB - screenshot #29phpBB - User profiles and their respective details are also up for editingphpBB - screenshot #31phpBB - screenshot #32phpBB - screenshot #33phpBB - screenshot #34phpBB - screenshot #35phpBB - User groups can be created and edited with phpBB as wellphpBB - screenshot #37phpBB - Various banning methods are available to forum adminsphpBB - Custom administrators and moderators can be added to the systemphpBB - screenshot #40phpBB - screenshot #41phpBB - Extensions replace classic add-ons in phpBB 3.1.xphpBB - A theme manager is also included with phpBBphpBB - Language packs can also be installed on phpBB forumsphpBB - Various logging features are also availablephpBB - Database backup & restore operations can also be carried out from the backendphpBB - An automatic forum updater is also includedphpBB - Admins can also manage search engine spiders and robots, send out mass emails, and manage various reportsphpBB - screenshot #49phpBB - screenshot #50phpBB - For each control panel, the admin can manage the active modulesphpBB - screenshot #52phpBB - screenshot #53phpBB - On the frontend, the forum comes with a default responsive skinphpBB - Users can create topics and use special quick controls to manage themphpBB - screenshot #56phpBB - screenshot #57phpBB - screenshot #58phpBB - A special control panel is included for moderatorsphpBB - Users have their own account control panel as wellphpBB - Public profile pages are included for each userphpBB - A listing of all users registered on a forum is also availablephpBB - The contact page can be used to talk to the site's ownershipphpBB - A special search page is also includedphpBB - An installation wizard is also included with phpBB

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