Download Source Code scrollReveal.js 3.0.9

Julian Lloyd is announcing that scrollReveal.js with version number 3.0.9 is already available to download.

What is scrollReveal.js ?

scrollReveal.js is .

There’s a trend in today’s Web design where people often choose a single page layout for their entire site. While this may not be recommended except in cases where you don’t have that much content to showcase, one-page websites are found on a regular basis in Web Design showcases and are quite considered the norm these days. scrollReveal.js is useful for such sites in particular, mainly because it slowly reveals content on a page as the user scrolls it. The library can be used with other types of website designs nevertheless, but it fits one-page linear sites better in our opinion. scrollReveal.js works by letting the developer specify a certain type of reveal animation for one or more elements on the page. He can customize this effect and its behavior using a wide variety of parameters provided by this plugin. All of these are detailed in the library’s README file. Developers can control any facet of the animation, which makes scrollReveal.js quite a nifty tool to have around, especially if you don’t like the generic way pages are loaded today.

This is changelog for scrollReveal.js version 3.0.9 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

scrollReveal.js - scrollReveal.js loads elements using on-scroll reveal animationsscrollReveal.js - As the user scrolls down the page, new content is added using simple fade-in (reveal) effects

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