Download Source Code SocialEngine 4.8.10

Webligo Developments is announcing that SocialEngine with version number 4.8.10 is already available to download.

What is SocialEngine ?

SocialEngine is .

SocialEngine is not intending to replace Facebook pretty time soon, but it provides an alternative for scenarios where webmasters might want to build a closed or open group with better privacy settings and more control over the users accessing the community. SocialEngine takes the privacy concerns out of using Facebook or Google+ groups for organizing your online gatherings and lets the developer have full control over the people accessing the site. This platform can be used for various purposes, from simple online forums, to a company’s Intranet, and up to a straight-forward social networking site. The SocialEngine core supports various features that makes working with the platform extremely easy, benefiting from all the advances in recent PHP development techniques.

This is changelog for SocialEngine version 4.8.10 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

SocialEngine - SocialEngine includes a powerful administration sectionSocialEngine - The SocialEngine platform allows admins to manage the network's userbaseSocialEngine - Multiple user networks can be setup with SocialEngineSocialEngine - For each userbase and network, various user levels can be createdSocialEngine - Site-wide announcements can be created and added via the SocialEngine backendSocialEngine - Admins can also send emails to each of the platform's usersSocialEngine - General SocialEngine settings can be configured in the social network's backendSocialEngine - SocialEngine can be extended via themes very easilySocialEngine - A file uploader and multimedia manager ships with the SocialEngine coreSocialEngine - SocialEngine also supports multi-lingual installationsSocialEngine - Account billing information can also be setup with the SocialEngine platformSocialEngine - Traffic stats can be accessed by admins in the SocialEngine backendSocialEngine - A menu management utility is shipped with SocialEngine as wellSocialEngine - Ad campaigns and other marketing utilities can be managed via SocialEngine as wellSocialEngine - Integration with various of today's social networks is also possibleSocialEngine - On the social network's frontend is where all the user activity is shownSocialEngine - Each user has his own profile page

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