Download Source Code Alfresco 5.1.g

Alfresco Developers is announcing that Alfresco Alfresco Developers with version number 5.1.g is already available to download.

What is Alfresco Alfresco Developers ?

Alfresco Alfresco Developers is .

Alfresco has initially started as a simple Java CMS and has slowly evolved across the years into a fully-blown team collaboration utility, perfect for deploying as an Intranet or company portal. Its main role is to provide a way for a group of people to share, manage and work on projects together across the Internet. This entry allows you to download Alfresco source code, which you can use to build and deploy the system anywhere you wish. Automated installation wizards are also available for Windows, Mac and Linux architectures.

This is changelog for Alfresco Alfresco Developers version 5.1.g :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Alfresco - Alfresco comes with a password protected interfaceAlfresco - Alfresco also comes with a comprehensive administration panelAlfresco - Alfresco can be used to manage a group of filesAlfresco - The content of a user's files can easily be viewed and edited when neededAlfresco - Sharing files with other Alfresco users is also possibleAlfresco - Multiple sites can be created in the Alfresco backend to keep departments and user groups separate from one anotherAlfresco - A workflow management utility is also included with AlfrescoAlfresco - Each user can check on his assigned tasks in a special section of the backendAlfresco - For large scale installations, a people finding utility is includedAlfresco - Various Alfresco settings can be changed from the backendAlfresco - User profile management is also included with the Alfresco core