Download Source Code Amok 1.0.0-4

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Casper Beyer is announcing that Amok with version number 1.0.0-4 is already available to download.

What is Amok ?

Amok is A utility for the Node.js command-line that adds live-reload support to any application, ideal for testing and previewing code during the development stage .

Amok is written in JavaScript and was specially created as a Node.js CLI package.Developers can deploy it with their Node.js applications and automatically support a simple method reloading their code in real-time as soon as something changes in one of the source files.This makes Amok a pretty neat tool to have around, allowing developers to preview the results of their code and make all the appropriate tweaks before going out of the development stage.Indirectly this leads to shorter testing phases and speeds up a developer’s workflow.Amok works via a built-in HTTP server that takes the developer’s code and serves it via a custom IP:port combination.This server requires no configuration and comes with built-in support for various preprocessing engines for dealing with files written in CoffeeScript, LESS, or Sass.The browser connection is established via the remote debugging protocol, which also allows developers to mirror JS errors to their CLI, via stdout and stderr.A short presentation video for Amok can be viewed below:

This is changelog for Amok version 1.0.0-4 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: