Download Source Code Angular Material Design 0.9.6

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Google Inc. is announcing that Angular Material Design with version number 0.9.6 is already available to download.

What is Angular Material Design ?

Angular Material Design is A frontend UI framework for the AngularJS JavaScript framework, created on top of Google’s Material Design style guide recommandations .

Angular Material Design delivers a collections of ready-made UI components and widgets that can be easily and quickly deployed to any AngularJS application.Since Google’s team of developers is behind the project, this framework closely follows their recently released style guide, a collection of internal best practices used for developing both the desktop and mobile environments.There’s an accent of paper-like visual styles and the usage of dimmed motions to signal interactions, a style that is making Google famous in the design community, just like Twitter was once known for the Bootstrap framework.Since this framework specifically targets AngularJS, it is recommended for usage when developing mobile applications, SPAs or one-page websites. Besides the built-in components, the framework also comes with its own grid system, support for customizable themes, various layout controls, and a whole lot of documentation to help out new users.If you haven’t worked with AngularJS before we recommend you look into other UI frameworks.

This is changelog for Angular Material Design version 0.9.6 :

  • autocomplete: adds support for messages to be displayed when no results are found.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Angular Material Design - Angular Material Design comes packed with lots of useful UI componentsAngular Material Design - These included buttons, checkboxes, modal windows, alerts, and progress barsAngular Material DesignAngular Material DesignAngular Material Design - Radio buttons, sidebars, sliders and toggle buttons are also includedAngular Material DesignAngular Material DesignAngular Material DesignAngular Material Design - Tab panels, form fields, and the toast notifications all have a consistent style with Google's Material DesignAngular Material DesignAngular Material Design