Download Source Code Angular Snap.js 1.8.4

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Justin Russell is announcing that Angular Snap.js with version number 1.8.4 is already available to download.

What is Angular Snap.js ?

Angular Snap.js is A lightweight AngularJS plugin implementing Snap.js, a JavaScript library that can create side panels and side menus on Web pages .

Snap.js is a recently released JS script that has seen quite some usage on both Web pages and Web-based mobile apps.With the help of Snap.js, developers have created touch-friendly side panels where they have shown extra content on a Web page.Angular Snap.js is what the name says it is. It’s Snap.js packaged to work with Google’s AngularJS library.Because Google has built and modeled AngularJS to be super productive and extremely fast, not all libraries work natively in its environment and some modifications need to be made. Angular Snap.js makes these changes to Snap.js and allows developers to use it with their AngularJS apps.

This is changelog for Angular Snap.js version 1.8.4 :

  • Published on npm

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Angular Snap.js - At page load, any Angular Snap.js menu is hidden under the pageAngular Snap.js - Grabbing one of the designated margins and pulling it aside reveals the hidden Angular Snap.js menu