Download Source Code baguetteBox.js 1.4.0

Marek Grzybek is announcing that baguetteBox.js with version number 1.4.0 is already available to download.

What is baguetteBox.js ?

baguetteBox.js is A responsive lightbox script coded in vanilla JavaScript that uses the power of CSS3 transitions to animate the images in and out of view .

baguetteBox.js doesn’t rely on jQuery and can be used to showcase single images or full photo sets.Images are embedded on the page as thumbnails, which when clicked will expand to cover the full area of the page, showing the original image in all its glory.Using custom HTML5 data attributes developers can configure multiple versions of the same image to be used based on the user’s local resolution, enabling his users to experience the photos at their best and appropriate aspect ratio and resolution.Images are animated via CSS3, and support for a caption field is also included at the bottom of the modal display.baguetteBox.js also comes with SVG-based buttons (next, prev, close) and support for touch-based interactions.If you don’t plan to support responsive images on your site than that’s OK, this feature being optional, the script working like regular lightboxes by default.baguetteBox.js ships with a few basic examples to show developers how it can be implemented.

This is changelog for baguetteBox.js version 1.4.0 :

  • New option: custom regex filter

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

baguetteBox.js - baguetteBox.js is a responsive modal windowing system for the modern WebbaguetteBox.js - Support for smaller images and caption fields is also included