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Timo van Neerden is announcing that BlogoText with version number 3.0.1 is already available to download.

What is BlogoText ?

BlogoText is .

BlogoText is what WordPress used to be. A small system where users log in, write their article and publish it online. No support for static pages, no complex sidebar widgets, no plugins, no menu manager. Just a plain’ old blogging platform, as it used to be in the old days. This blogging engine is extremely lightweight when it comes to file size and can be deployed anywhere, with or without access to a database server. This is because it can work on both MySQL and SQLite setups, perfect for both blogs with a larger amount of posts and for sites with a rare update process. BlogoText features a guided installation procedure and comes complete with a pretty powerful administration panel which will guide users through the publishing process and help them get their thoughts and stories on the Internet in no time. Installation: 1. Download and unzip the BlogoText package. 2. Upload BlogoText folder to a Web server. 3. Access the blog URL. The installation wizard will kick in automatically.

This is changelog for BlogoText version 3.0.1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

BlogoText - BlogoText comes with a built-in installation wizardBlogoText - BlogoText can run on both SQLite and MySQL serversBlogoText - Once everything setup, the admin can log in the administration panelBlogoText - Once logged in, the BlogoText dashboard is the first thing admins seeBlogoText - BlogoText features a WYSIWYG editing experienceBlogoText - BlogoText can handle published and draft articlesBlogoText - A comments moderation feature is included with the BlogoText systemBlogoText - A file manager is also packaged with BlogoText to help users add downloadable and embeddable filesBlogoText - A link and blogroll manager is also included with BlogoTextBlogoText - Administrators can edit link details in depthBlogoText - A comprehensive blog settings page allows admins to customize the site's behaviorBlogoText - A default theme is included with BlogoTextBlogoText - A blog post in BlogoText looks like a blog post on Tumblr, WordPress and any other blogBlogoText - Various maintenance operations are available to admins