Download Source Code Bludit 0.1 rc5

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Diego Najar is announcing that Bludit with version number 0.1 rc5 is already available to download.

What is Bludit ?

Bludit is A flat-file PHP CMS that makes it very easy to install and run a website without complicating your life with a bulky database engine .

Bludit is a relatively new CMS on the scene, created by the same developer that put together Nibbleblog.It contains both a page management system and a blogging feature, along with an extensive settings panel.Support is included for plugins, and future Bludit versions will also come with themes.When trying to install Bludit, webmasters will be greeted by a simple installation wizard, and then be redirected to the homepage when everything is finished.An admin panel is also included, which is password-protected for security reasons.Multiple users can be granted access to it, and help the webmaster manage the site.

This is changelog for Bludit version 0.1 rc5 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Bludit - Bludit comes packed with an installation wizardBludit - Once everything up and running, the default site will pop upBludit - A password-protected admin panel is includedBludit - The admin panel is where users can manage the site's contentBluditBluditBluditBluditBluditBluditBluditBluditBludit