Download Source Code Bulma 0.0.28

Jeremy Thomas is announcing that Bulma Jeremy Thomas with version number 0.0.28 is already available to download.

What is Bulma Jeremy Thomas ?

Bulma Jeremy Thomas is .

Bulma is a UI framework that takes a different approach to user interface building. The framework is coded in Sass, but designed to use the CSS3 Flexbox feature, which makes building native responsive layouts much easier. This also ensures that Web pages and layouts built with Bulma work out-of-the-box in most browsers in the same, consistent way. Built-in components: Grid system Navbar Media objects Buttons Forms Typography elements Tags Message boxes Notification bar Icons Card boxes

This is changelog for Bulma Jeremy Thomas version 0.0.28 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Bulma - Bulma comes with a responsive grid systemBulma - Bulma includes support for modern navbarsBulma - Bulma includes a component for generating buttonsBulma - Form elements can be easily generated with BulmaBulma - Tags and pills elements are included with the Bulma frameworkBulma - Message boxes are easy to generate with BulmaBulma - Bulmaalso lets developers create easy notification barsBulma - Simple info cards are also supported inside BulmaBulma - Responsive HTML tables are included with the Bulma CSS frameworkBulma - The Bulma CSS framework comes with a pre-built modal windowing component