Download Source Code C3.js 0.4.10 / 0.4.11-rc3

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Masayuki Tanaka is announcing that C3.js with version number 0.4.10 / 0.4.11-rc3 is already available to download.

What is C3.js ?

C3.js is An open source JavaScript toolkit for creating various types of charts and graphs with the help of the D3.js SVG charting library .

C3.js provides a powerful API which allows developers to build custom charts for their Web projects.This API provides access to all the features and controls needed to plot out a chart, starting from the basic colors used in a chart, and going up to the legend field and the chart’s axis.Everything is covered with C3.js and various chart types are supported by default:- line- area- bar- pie- donut- gauge- spline- timeseries- scatter plot- stacked bar- stacked areaThe chart’s data can be loaded from local sources or from remote locations and can be passed as a JavaScript array or loaded from a JSON file.C3 can handle row and column-oriented data and charts can also be zoomed, animated, broken down into smaller regions, and even transformed into other chart types (line to pie, donut to spline, etc.).Multiple examples and usage instructions are included with the C3.js download.

This is changelog for C3.js version 0.4.10 / 0.4.11-rc3 :

  • Fixed legend when revert called
  • Show ‘outer’ positioned axis label even if legend is hidden

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

C3.js - C3.js is a charting utility for JavaScript developersC3.js - C3.js supports creating charts in classic line, timeseries, spline, step, area, and stacked area formatsC3.jsC3.jsC3.jsC3.jsC3.js - C3.js also supports the bar, stacked bar, scatter plot, pie, donut, and gauge formatsC3.jsC3.jsC3.jsC3.jsC3.jsC3.js - Multiple chart types can also be combined into one single chartC3.js - Various helpers can he displayed in the background of the chart, like grids and colored areasC3.jsC3.js - Chart zooming is also a C3.js-supported feature