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Analytical Graphics, Inc. is announcing that Cesium with version number 1.11 is already available to download.

What is Cesium ?

Cesium is A 3D mapping engine coded in JavaScript working on top of WebGL, perfect for rendering interactive, realistic maps and virtual globes .

Cesium is basically an abstract JavaScript API for various mapping controls and display methods, allowing developers to easily create, manipulate, and control maps via JavaScript code.Cesium supports 2D, 2.5D, and 3D display modes, and can be used for both flat maps and realistic globes (planetary view).Maps created with Cesium can be animated, zoomed in and out, improved with additional controls, and even overlayed with shapes, paths, and explanatory text and labels.Real-life terrain can also be plotted via WebGL, without having to install any browser plugin or add-on.Map data can be acquired from CZML files, KML, TMS, WMS, Bing, ESRI, or OpenStreetMaps.If the core Cesium distribution doesn’t include the feature you’d want your maps to have, don’t despair. Just check its plugin repository because there might be a plugin for that.

This is changelog for Cesium version 1.11 :

  • Added, a boolean for hiding or showing an entity and its children.
  • Added Entity.isShowing, a read-only property that indicates if an entity is currently being drawn.
  • Added support for the KML visibility element.
  • Added PolylineArrowMaterialProperty to allow entities materials to use polyline arrows.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Cesium - Cesium can be used to display 3D globes and maps via WebGL technologyCesium - Maps can be zoomed in and out, and paths, shapes and text overlayed on top of themCesium - Real life terrain mock-ups can be created with Cesium as wellCesium - Cesium can also be used in adding map UI and display controls