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Concrete CMS Inc. is announcing that concrete5 with version number is already available to download.

What is concrete5 ?

concrete5 is One of the World’s most powerful and complex PHP content management systems, a CMS that can immediately be deployed to any production environment .

While most CMSs around are focused on building small to medium projects, concrete5 is for developers that work regularly on larger projects.concrete5 features a very malleable site structure that can be used to build anything from social networks, to portals, Intranets, online marketplaces, e-newspapers and so on.concrete5 is truly a top-shelf solution when it comes to CMSs, benefiting from years of development, a dedicated open source community, lots of add-ons & themes, enterprise support and lots of awards garnered through the years.The concrete5 team has even bothered to make a small introduction video to convince you on how easy and advanced their CMS is. Take a look below.

This is changelog for concrete5 version :

  • Page Theme classes can specify layout presets, which can use classes contained in grid frameworks or use their own custom classes.
  • Layouts now have design controls available to them, including custom templates and custom CSS classes.
  • Added a new custom template “Parallax Image” available to layouts that employ a background image.
  • Grid frameworks can now specify hiding classes for responsive breakpoints, which can be controlled through block and area design settings.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

concrete5 - concrete5 comes with an easy to use installation wizardconcrete5 - Once logged in the concrete5 tutorial appearsconcrete5 - concrete5 features an in-place editing interfaceconcrete5 - For each concrete5 page block, various options can be modifiedconcrete5 - For each page various settings can be alteredconcrete5concrete5concrete5concrete5concrete5concrete5concrete5 - concrete5 also features a classic administration dashboard as wellconcrete5 - concrete5 also features its own blogging systemconcrete5 - A built-in search server allows developers to find desired pagesconcrete5 - A file manager is also shipped with the concrete5 CMSconcrete5 - Adding and editing user info is extremely easyconcrete5 - concrete5 features a multi-user and multi-admin backend interfaceconcrete5 - concrete5 users can also be organized in groupsconcrete5 - A traffic analysis module is also included with concrete5concrete5 - concrete5 frontend skins can be changed via themesconcrete5 - concrete5 supports multiple page and custom post typesconcrete5 - Page attributes can be customized in depthconcrete5 - A page manager helps webmasters manage the pagesconcrete5 - Reusable code blocks are also supported in concrete5concrete5 - A workflow and task manager is included with concrete5 as well