Download Source Code Craft 2.5.2761 / 3.0.2687 Developer Preview

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Pixel & Tonic, Inc. is announcing that Craft with version number 2.5.2761 / 3.0.2687 Developer Preview is already available to download.

What is Craft ?

Craft is .

Craft is a relatively new CMS built on top of popular PHP technologies like the Yii framework and the Twig templating engine. The entire Craft CMS was developed to help programmers with projects that don’t follow classic website patterns and need to provide an administrative backend for their tools. Craft enables them to use a combination of fields, globals and assets to build a custom data type to manage content with. This gives them complete control over that data type (the equivalent of a custom post type from WordPress), allowing them to manage everything from news, to portfolio items, to images and so on. Besides the basic Craft system that comes with the download, pre-built Craft setup packages for various scenarios are also available for various fees. Check them out on Craft’s packages page.

This is changelog for Craft version 2.5.2761 / 3.0.2687 Developer Preview :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Craft - Craft features an assisted installation wizardCraft - You can check if Craft installed correctly by accessing the site's URL and seeing some basic contentCraft - Once in the Craft backend, the first thing you see is the dashboardCraft - The dashboard and the visible widgets can be customized at willCraft - Adding a new page, post, news article is done using the same interfaceCraft - Besides the WYSIWYG editor, a page settings tab is also includedCraft - Active user details can be configured at will as wellCraft - Craft comes with its own overall settings panelCraft - The site can easily be put in or out of maintenance mode whenever neededCraft - Various premium pre-built Craft packages are available to try and purchase from the backendCraft - Custom URL routes can be added and managed from the Craft settings sectionCraft - Email and newsletter settings can be modified as wellCraft - Craft is a CMS that supports plugins if functionality needs to be expandedCraft - Custom fields can be created and managed from the Craft backendCraft - Each field's settings can be modified whenever neededCraft - The site itself can be split into various sections and custom post/data typesCraft - Each data type/section can be modified to fit every project's requirementsCraft - Assets are also managed within the Craft admin panelCraft - Globals can also be manages from the Craft adminCraft - Craft supports a tagging functionalityCraft - The Craft admin panel is password protectedCraft - Content is managed from the same interface, posts, pages, custom post types, etc.