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Dotmarketing, Inc. is announcing that dotCMS with version number 3.2.1 is already available to download.

What is dotCMS ?

dotCMS is An enterprise-level open source J2EE/Java Content Management System, one of the best CMSs currently found in the Java community .

dotCMS was built upon the acclaimed Liferay portal.It expands its features to support enterprise-level installations. mobile devices, and cloud-based deployment.dotCMS is truly an all-encompassing solution when needing to deploy a website building toolkit on your servers.It features a simple on-page editing system, themes, plugins, and lots of features that simplify the content management operations so even regular users can carry them out without too much instructions or technical skills.The admin panel and the themes themselves are responsive, adapting to today’s current mobile-friendly Web environment.Developers are not limited to “pages” as in the classic CMS paradigm, but can manage “content types” which allows them to create a website for whatever they want without having to use plugins or add-ons for specific types of content.There’s also support for multi-user, multi-lingual and multi-site setups, just in case you want to cater for a wider userbase.All in all, dotCMS is a professional solution for situations where a basic 5-10 page website is not gonna make the cut and you need a more complex website management platform at your disposal.

This is changelog for dotCMS version 3.2.1 :

  • Improvements:
  • Ships with updated Tomcat 8.0.18
  • Java 8 now supported. You can still run Java 7 if needed
  • Added 3 new out of the box Actionlets for Custom Workflows (Email, Auto Set Value, and an Auto Push)

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

dotCMS - dotCMS can be used in a multi-site setupdotCMS - A dashboard for each site is availabledotCMS - dotCMS also features a workflow management system for its adminsdotCMS - The site browsers lets admins easily manage the site's contentdotCMS - Managing pages and their meta is also extremely easydotCMSdotCMS - A links, vanity URLs, template and containers manager is also included with dotCMSdotCMSdotCMSdotCMSdotCMS - dotCMS also features a backup system that can allow you to make snapshots of your sitesdotCMS - Support is included for scheduled publishingdotCMS - A content search assistant will help you find what you're looking fordotCMS - A link checker is included, easy to use when wanting to find dead linksdotCMS - The dotCMS calendar will help admins synchronize their actions and tasksdotCMS - A form manager and support for various content types is includeddotCMSdotCMS - Admins can manage the site's users and their rolesdotCMSdotCMS - Various maintenance tools are included with dotCMSdotCMS - Various configuration options let admins customize everything inside dotCMSdotCMS - Support for multi-lingual setups is includeddotCMS - The dotCMS engine can be extended via pluginsdotCMS - The site's content can be edited on its frontend