Download Source Code Drop 1.0.8

HubSpot, Inc. is announcing that Drop with version number 1.0.8 is already available to download.

What is Drop ?

Drop is An open source, lightweight JavaScript library for producing cross-browser dropdown panels, tooltips, and popover UI components .

Drop.js can be used to create content-agnostic dropdowns for showing hidden content next to a page element.The difference between the Drop library and a regular tooltip plugin is that Drop shows the content only when clicked, instead of just hovered.Another difference is that Drop can show styled content inside the dropdown, not just regular text. So this means developers can place anything from forms, to images, icons, and up to entire text paragraphs inside a Drop.js panel.A Drop.js dropdown can be attached to anything on the page, starting with regular links, buttons, normal text, DIVs, SPANs, images, etc..Most of the positioning features used by Drop are borrowed from HubSpot’s Tooltip library, the two working and behaving very similarly.Drop has been created with the help of Tether. If you’re not interested in Drop and only looking for a tooltip solution, the Tooltip library is then for you.

This is changelog for Drop version 1.0.8 :

  • Introduce addTargetClasses option.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Drop - Drop.js is a simple library for showing simple dropdown tooltips next to an elementDrop - The content and style of the dropdown can easily be modified to anything a designer might wantDrop - Photo content can be used with dropdowns as wellDrop - Tooltips and popover like UI widgets can be created as well with Drop.js