Download Source Code EGroupware 14.3.20150811

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Lars Kneschke is announcing that EGroupware with version number 14.3.20150811 is already available to download.

What is EGroupware ?

EGroupware is A free enterprise ready groupware software for your company, coded in PHP and working with databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MaxDB, MSSQL, and Oracle .

EGroupware is a tool that can be installed on various Web servers and allow a business owner access to a complex management software, suited to handle various facets of someone’s company.It’s an ideal tool if you’re looking to bring more structure into a company’s day-to-day business activities.EGroupware lets business owners centralize their company’s activity online, and then grant access to employees to various tools and applications, based on their role, job, pay-grade, or responsibilities.The system ships with an installation wizard to guide new administrators through the setup process, and once installed will let webmasters do their job and setup the system based on the company’s field of activity.

This is changelog for EGroupware version 14.3.20150811 :

  • Skip accounts with no IMAP server set for notification and foldertree.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

EGroupware - Quite a complex installation wizard is included with EGroupwareEGroupware - Once everything up and running, admins can login the EGroupware applicationEGroupware - A calendar application is included with EGroupware, to help business owners organize their calendarEGroupware - An email inbox system is also supportedEGroupware - The address book application is a standard with all EGroupware installationsEGroupware - An info and access log is kept for debugging and security purposesEGroupware - EGroupware is also packed with a time sheet management toolEGroupware - An employee tracking system is also accessible via EGroupwareEGroupware - A file manager is included with EGroupware also