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is announcing that FileManager with version number 10.41 is already available to download.

What is FileManager ?

FileManager is A PHP file browser for viewing, navigating, and managing files on a local or remote Web or FTP server, with lots and lots of customizable features included .

FileManager is a file browser component that can be added to any application and allow its users to manage a filesystem’s content via the browser.The script can be used with both local filesystems and FTP servers, working on Linux, Mac, and Windows systems.Its central point is its configuration file where all settings reside, and where webmasters need to go first before deploying it online.Here they’ll be able to tweak settings related to upload rights, authentication, previewing capabilities, and many other more.FileManager can be themed via CSS themes, supports a file preview mode for text, image, audio, and video files, and can be deployed with various other backends, may them be written in Perl, Java, or Node.js.An uploading component is provided for adding new files to the FTP server, and a search function will help users find the files they’re looking for.FileManager additionally supports file versioning, automatic backups, restoring of deleted files and downloading files when users need them back on their PC.Support is also included for password-based protection, along with changing of a file or folder’s permissions level.Quotas can be setup to prevent users from overpowering your hosting plan, and regular updates keep FileManager safe from common security vulnerabilities.

This is changelog for FileManager version 10.41 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

FileManager - FileManager is a file browser that can work with the local filesystem or with FTPsFileManager - FileManager includes a file previewing feature for music, text, and image filesFileManager - Special widgets can also be created out of the FileManager script