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Simon Georget is announcing that Filemanager with version number 2.3.0 is already available to download.

What is Filemanager ?

Filemanager is .

Filemanager is a programming language agnostic component. It was written on top of jQuery, allowing it to work with any backend technology, regardless of programming language. Filemanager comes packaged with a plethora of connectors for: PHP ColdFusion ASP ASP.NET C# Java Lasso Perl Python These connects will allow developers to use Filemanager in their applications and provide users with a simple Web-based utility to browse and manage files hosted on a server. Besides these mediums, Filemanager can even be integrated with WYSIWYG editors, coming with support for: TinyMCE CKEditor (and the older FCKEditor releases)

This is changelog for Filemanager version 2.3.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Filemanager - Filemanager is an easy to use Web-based file browser componentFilemanager - For file extensions that support preview modes, Filemanager will show a preview when accessing a file's pageFilemanager - Files can easily be renamed with FilemanagerFilemanager - For files without a preview, a sample icon will be displayedFilemanager - Filemanager also allows users to move files aroundFilemanager - A protection mechanism is included against accidental file deletionsFilemanager - New folders can be created, helping users create complex file and folder structuresFilemanager - A right click context menu is also available for quick user actionsFilemanager - A list layout for files and folders is also includedFilemanager - A search function (bottom left corner) will help users navigate through long file and folder structures