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GitLab B.V. is announcing that GitLab with version number Community Edition 8.1.4 is already available to download.

What is GitLab ?

GitLab is .

GitLab Community Edition is a Web-based utility for hosting source code projects and sharing them with other users. It can be used as a scaled down version of GitHub, or an internal code management application, just for your own team members or employees. When installing it for the the first time, there are and importers available to easily add your existing projects to the system in no time. Once everything setup, GitLab CE will provide a broad set of tools for managing and reviewing the source code, whilst also giving administrators in-depth access of what users can access and view. There’s an LDAP-based authentication system included, with optional SSI support. On top of this there’s also the option to group users in groups, and then share desired projects with just a few of them. Commits, project graphs, milestones, issues, forks, merge requests, and wikis are also supported with GitLab, all basic tools that any developer that has ever used Git and GitHub is well established in. All in all, GitLab is a very well designed product, giving developers and organizations the option of hosting their source code on their own servers and avoid leaks and other security and privacy related issues. An Enterprise Edition of GitLab is also available as a hosted service, with many more features included.

This is changelog for GitLab version Community Edition 8.1.4 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

GitLab - GitLab is a Git source code project tracker coded in RubyGitLab - The interface closely resembles the famous GitHub website and allows easy content administrationGitLab - Wikis, a file browser, issues and milestone tracking are supportedGitLab - screenshot #4GitLab - screenshot #5GitLab - screenshot #6GitLab - screenshot #7GitLab - screenshot #8GitLab - screenshot #9GitLab - screenshot #10