Download Source Code Glyphr Studio 1.04.04

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Matt LaGrandeur is announcing that Glyphr Studio with version number 1.04.04 is already available to download.

What is Glyphr Studio ?

Glyphr Studio is .

Glyphr Studio makes font design a lot easier and accessible to anyone by providing a self-hosted tool that can be used locally or online to let people design fonts using only their browsers instead of a bulky and most of the times too complicated desktop software. Since Glyphr Studio works with most browsers you can use it on Mac, Linux, and Windows, and for multiple font editing projects at the same time. This small application covers all the basic font editing features you’d expect, from glyph outline editing, to import/export features, and even up to individual font settings customization. Glyphr Studio is really not that hard to work with and doesn’t require any special installation procedures to get it up and running.

This is changelog for Glyphr Studio version 1.04.04 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Glyphr Studio - Glyphr Studio can be used to create or edit fonts via your browserGlyphr Studio - Glyphr Studio allows users to perform various tasks via a series of options in the side menuGlyphr Studio - Users can edit each of the font's glyphs as they see fitGlyphr Studio - Shape layering is supported inside Glyphr StudioGlyphr Studio - Once a character created, users can select another character to create/editGlyphr Studio - In case of mistakes, an undo feature is included with Glyphr StudioGlyphr Studio - Created fonts can be previewed before deploymentGlyphr Studio - Glyphr Studio allows admins to edit their font's settings and characteristicsGlyphr Studio - For each project, individual settings and options can be usedGlyphr Studio - Fonts can be imported from SVG files inside a Glyphr Studio installationGlyphr Studio - Created and edited fonts can also be exported to a TTX XML file