Download Source Code hyperCMS 5.7.8 / 5.7.9-prerelease

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hyperCMS Content Management Solutions … is announcing that hyperCMS with version number 5.7.8 / 5.7.9-prerelease is already available to download.

What is hyperCMS ?

hyperCMS is A combination between a CMS and a DAM server, allowing webmasters to build websites and manage files from the same administration interface .

hyperCMS is a PHP-based CMS that can also function as a DAM (Digital Assets Management) server.This script can be installed on your Web server and provide a password-protected dashboard from where administrators can manage a site’s content using an interface that resembles a classic desktop file browser.Here they can upload, organize, view, and edit files, while also letting the server component deliver files to requesting users.The DAM and CMS interfaces can be activated and deactivated as needed, hyperCMS letting webmasters set up the system according to each project’s requirements.Multiple types of files can be hosted, edited, and distributed with hyperCMS, starting from simple HTML files to images, from office documents to archives, audio, and video files.Files can be uploaded and downloaded one by one or in bulk, they can be imported or exported to other installations, and the file tree can also be searched with a high degree of accuracy.hyperCMS can be easily integrated with other technologies, and managing the file repository is a breeze thanks to its easy to use GUI.All in all, the hyperCMS script can be quite helpful if you’re looking for an advanced DAM server, with a built-in website building feature.

This is changelog for hyperCMS version 5.7.8 / 5.7.9-prerelease :

  • Optimizations in function rdbms_searchcontent regarding joins of tables
  • Implementation of search format support in search of function compexplorer
  • Audio quality setting has been enabled for editing of audio files
  • Validation of theme path in function getthemelocation

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

hyperCMS - hyperCMS is powerful CMS and DAM system coded in PHP & MySQLhyperCMS - This application lets users manage files, may them be HTML pages, images, office documents, and so onhyperCMS - Support for templates, versioning, and editing the file's content is included with hyperCMShyperCMShyperCMShyperCMShyperCMShyperCMShyperCMShyperCMS