Download Source Code Hyperframe !CMS 4.2

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IWR Consultancy is announcing that Hyperframe !CMS with version number 4.2 is already available to download.

What is Hyperframe !CMS ?

Hyperframe !CMS is A flat-file CMS that lets admins create & edit Web pages using a password-protected admin panel, page templates, and an on-page WYSIWYG editor .

Hyperframe !CMS doesn’t use an SQL-based database to store a website’s content, utilizing the page’s HTML code itself.Written in PHP, this CMS is a little bit complex to setup but once everything is ready, admins can start creating a site without having to adhere to a fixed template and content structure.Everything can be edited on a Hyperframe website, starting from the page template itself, the menu’s content, the admin users, and the content itself.Multiple user accounts can be created, allowing more than one person on a staff to manage and update a website, and all user accounts are password protected, with different user roles being available.Once the user authenticated he can create a new page from a pre-existing template, from a blank template, or just edit a current page.For all editing operations, a CKEditor instance is used, floating over the page and allowing in-depth control over the content users will add to the site.Multi-side support is included, along with SEO-friendly URLs and the ability to extend the CMS’ features via plugins.All in all Hyperframe !CMS is a tool that will endear itself to developers, mainly due to the extensive templating utilities provided and the simplified page editing mechanisms.

This is changelog for Hyperframe !CMS version 4.2 :

  • Multiple user-selectable frames (templates).
  • New menu system, provides cascading top or sidebar menus from same menu file syntax.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Hyperframe !CMS - Hyperframe !CMS comes with a password-protected administrative accountHyperframe !CMS - The CMS comes with support for multiple users and different user rolesHyperframe !CMS - An on-page editing toolbar is used for updating the pages' contentHyperframe !CMS - A menu editor is also included with the Hyperframe !CMSHyperframe !CMS - Different files and pages can be opened and edited with Hyperframe !CMSHyperframe !CMS - New files can also be created using one of the available templatesHyperframe !CMS - Pages also store information about their past versions