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Joey Hess is announcing that ikiwiki with version number 3.20150614 is already available to download.

What is ikiwiki ?

ikiwiki is A fully-featured and extendable wiki engine written in Perl that stores user data in VCSs (version control systems) like Subversion or Git .

ikiwiki works anywhere a C compiler and Perl can be installed.ikiwiki takes wiki pages and data stored in special Git or Subversion repositories and assembles them into standards-compliant HTML pages that can be served to users via any Web server. Because of this VCS integration, the wiki engine doesn’t need to bother itself with storing page versions, since this is automatically handled by the VSC’s own versioning system.ikiwiki simply provides hooks for pulling in native VCS versioning data into the page’s “recent changes” and “history” sections.Another great ikiwiki feature is its easy extendability, ikiwiki supporting plugins, the best of them being the ones dedicated to running the wiki as a blog or podcasting website.

This is changelog for ikiwiki version 3.20150614 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

ikiwiki - ikiwiki lacks a user-friendly interface, but with basic CSS tweaks this can be fixedikiwiki - Normal wiki syntax is used to style and format a page's contentikiwiki - As with all wikis, admins can track recent changes to a certain pageikiwiki - A sitemap utility is included to review all created pagesikiwiki - For all ikiwiki users, a profile page is created automatically, which they can easily edit