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Hillel Coren is announcing that Invoice Ninja with version number is already available to download.

What is Invoice Ninja ?

Invoice Ninja is .

Invoice Ninja is a relatively new invoicing application, written on top of Laravel, working and looking like a top of the line commercial service. But it’s not. It’s open sourced and available for all to use, either via the hosted service provided on its homepage, or via a downloadable application which developers can easily install locally or on their own servers. Invoice Ninja can work with all the database engines supported by Laravel, and is well prepared in handling responsive layouts, as any modern app should. Regardless of their activity domain, users can use it to manage their paying customers, keeping track not only of invoices, but customer details, payments, and credits as well. The app can be quite difficult to install if not familiar with applications like Composer, Node.js, or Bower, but after setting it up, you can start working and issuing invoices right away.

This is changelog for Invoice Ninja version :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Invoice Ninja - Invoice Ninja will allow users to keep track of their services, clients, payments, and invoicesInvoice Ninja - The Invoice Ninja app can be used to manage clients, along with their detailsInvoice Ninja - Multiple client entries can be added, for companies and for single individualsInvoice Ninja - For each client entry, a review page will display all recent activity, invoices, credits and paymentsInvoice Ninja - Invoice Ninja allows users to create and issue multiple invoices at the same timeInvoice Ninja - Creating an invoice also produces an instant preview of the printable versionInvoice Ninja - Adding payment entries is also very easy via the Invoice Ninja interfaceInvoice Ninja - The payments center shows all recently entered client paymentsInvoice Ninja - Credits can also be issued if neededInvoice Ninja - screenshot #10Invoice Ninja - The user can also manage his own settings and details as wellInvoice Ninja - New payment gateways can be added if needed or not supported by defaultInvoice Ninja - Email notifications can be activated if desired soInvoice Ninja - An import and export tool is packed with Invoice Ninja