Download Source Code Ionic 1.1.1

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Drifty, Co. is announcing that Ionic with version number 1.1.1 is already available to download.

What is Ionic ?

Ionic is .

Ionic is a powerful toolkit developed to help programmers create mobile apps that, when possible, use native methods for rendering applications on a mobile platform. It is a powerful tool to help developers reduce the amount of time they spend working on an app. To do this, Ionic comes with a large collection of built-in UI components for easily assembling the frontend panel together, all easy to tie-in with any kind of backend logic. Ionic is mainly focused on the frontend side of things, leaving the more complex backend and underneath logic to frameworks like PhoneGap. A better comparison is to consider Ionic the Bootstrap of mobile development.

This is changelog for Ionic version 1.1.1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Ionic - The Ionic framework comes with plenty of ways to build and display buttons in a mobile appIonic - Simple lists can also be built and presentedIonic - Ionic also supports adding dividers, badges, subtitles and icons to a listIonic - Combining thumbnails and images with list items is also supported with IonicIonic - Card displays can also be easily be built with IonicIonic - Ionic includes a forms component for easily assembling various types of Web forms togetherIonic - Toggle elements are also easy to build with IonicIonic - Ionic includes touch friendly checkboxes as wellIonic - A radio buttons component is also included in IonicIonic - Range sliders can also be built with the Ionic mobile frameworkIonic - Footer or header bars can be assembled, with text, button or icon-based content inside itIonic - The Ionic frameworks comes with its own icon font called IoniconIonic - Ionic also features a responsive grid system