Download Source Code JugglingDB 1.0.2

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is announcing that JugglingDB with version number 1.0.2 is already available to download.

What is JugglingDB ?

JugglingDB is A multi-database ORM for the Node.js platform, a tool allowing developers to support multi-database applications using one single interface .

JugglingDB is great because the developer does not have to learn multiple and different ORM systems to help integrate his app or website with a data storage environment.JugglingDB frees him from learning the syntax of various database query languages, along with the task of reading the documentation of multiple projects, just for the sake of having a multi-database environment for their projects.This tool provides a common interface for all databases and severely reduces development time for cross-DB applications.This is because the developer only needs to get himself acquainted to one single ORM, and write one single interface for his database interactions.Supported databases:MySQLMongoDBRedisPostgreSQLSQLiteNeo4JRiakFirebirdCouchDBArangoDBRethinkDBDynamoDBJS memory storageBase SQL

This is changelog for JugglingDB version 1.0.2 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: