Download Source Code Kunena 4.0.1

Kunena Team is announcing that Kunena with version number 4.0.1 is already available to download.

What is Kunena ?

Kunena is A forum component for the famous Joomla CMS, a simple tool to add a fully-customizable and fully-controllable discussion board to your site .

Kunena can be installed like any other Joomla component and will add a special section in the Joomla backend where the admin can build and customize his forum.The component features its own administration dashboard where all forum related settings are managed. This is optimal since the default Joomla backend doesn’t get polluted with forum management options, and you can easily keep the two sections separated and grant access to other users to manage the forum without giving them full access to the site’s management panel as well.Everything in the forum can be customized, from smileys, to forum categories, and up to the user profiles.There’s no difference between Kunena and any other standalone forum, Kunena even supporting its own themes and plugins, all separate from the native Joomla extensions and skins.Overall, the Kunena forum component is one of the best Joomla forums around, well documented, constantly updated with new features, and also open sourced as the original Joomla CMS.Installation:Go to the Joomla admin section.Select “Extensions” -> “Install/Uninstall/Extensions Manager”.Upload the package’s ZIP archive file and press “Upload & Install”.Go to the Components – > Kunena to manage the forum.Go to the URL to access the forum.

This is changelog for Kunena version 4.0.1 :

  • New eBay function, old one is deprecated
  • YouTube BBcode improved
  • Improve language strings
  • Improve forum integration plugins

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Kunena - Kunena is a powerful forum component for the Joomla CMSKunena - The Kunena Forum comes with its own dashboard in the Joomla backendKunena - Forums can be organizes and categorized based on topicsKunenaKunena - An username and Kunena profiles manager is included with the componentKunenaKunena - Kunena also comes with its own file and multimedia managerKunena - Emoticons (smileys) can be added, edited, or removed from the forum interfaceKunena - User ranks are also supported in the Kunena ForumKunena - Forum themes (templates) can be installed on used to skin the frontendKunenaKunena - Various forum-related settings can be customized on a per-installation basisKunena - Kunena also features its own plugin and extensions systemKunena - Various other management tools are also included with each Kunena installationKunena - In case someone accidentally deleted content, it can be retrieved via the trash managerKunena - Kunena adds various plugins to the Joomla core, which can be activated and deactivated when neededKunena - The basic Kunena Forum skin looks like any other forumKunenaKunenaKunena