Download Source Code Let's Chat 0.4.2

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SD Elements is announcing that Let’s Chat with version number 0.4.2 is already available to download.

What is Let’s Chat ?

Let’s Chat is A self-hosted chat room application coded in Node.js, easy to deploy internally for a single company, or on the Web for everyone else .

Let’s Chat is not hard to setup at all, and comes with a settings configuration file where various application details can be customized.Once everything setup and running, users can start registering and participate in one or more multiple discussions at the same time.Let’s Chat can be deployed on your own computer, on any classic Node.js hosting service, or even with Heroku.It can be used inside Intranets or on the Internet, and is an ideal tool to use when brainstorming new ideas with remote developers and/or teams.Messages are relayed in real-time, and all discussions are logged in the application’s (MongoDB) database.

This is changelog for Let’s Chat version 0.4.2 :

  • Private and password-protected rooms
  • Private 1-to-1 chat between XMPP users
  • Giphy image search
  • @all mentions are highlighted for everyone

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

Let's Chat - Let's Chat is a simple chatting application created with Node.jsLet's Chat - It features a basic user registration and login system to grant access to its chat roomsLet's Chat - Once logged in, users can create their own chat roomsLet's Chat - Multiple chat rooms can be managed and opened with Let's ChatLet's Chat - Each chat room features a simple to use, classic interfaceLet's Chat - Users can talk to each other using text messages, and they can also send multimedia files to each otherLet's Chat - Each chat will record and hold all the users' messages in a transcript fileLet's Chat - Users also have access to a few management options as wellLet's Chat - Let's Chat users can customize their profiles ...Let's Chat - ... and their account detailsLet's Chat - Some experimental features like desktop notifications can be turned on also