Download Source Code LiteCart 1.3.2

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LiteCart Development Team is announcing that LiteCart with version number 1.3.2 is already available to download.

What is LiteCart ?

LiteCart is A free e-commerce platform that can handle both small and large scale online stores, capable of dealing with any type of products .

LiteCart is coded in PHP and works on top of a MySQL database. As the name hints, it is very light compared to other similar platforms, and as a side effect it also loads and performs very fast as well.The LiteCart platform can be used for any type of store or product, and works best for small to medium online shops.Setting LiteCart up is quite easy, the script coming with a very simple installation assistant, and some basic demo data to populate the shop and help administrators easily add their own content using a boilerplate.A default theme and some modules are included, a basic LiteCart installation containing all the things necessary for a fully-working store.All in all, in our opinion, LiteCart should be used more than it is today, being a much suited solution for smaller stores than scripts like Magento or Prestashop.

This is changelog for LiteCart version 1.3.2 :

  • Unlimited CSS drop down menus
  • Display customer sales in customer profile
  • New method update() for modules
  • Quantity units

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

LiteCart - An assisted installation wizard will help developers setup LiteCartLiteCart - All admin accounts are password-protectedLiteCart - Once logged in, the LiteCart dashboard provides a simple review of all recent activityLiteCart - LiteCart comes with a style and appearance page where the store's frontend can be edited along with some branding optionsLiteCartLiteCart - The product catalog provides an easy way of managing the store's itemsLiteCart - For each product, LiteCart allows admins to customize a plethora of detailsLiteCartLiteCartLiteCartLiteCartLiteCartLiteCart - New categories can be added for easily organizing the product catalogLiteCart - Product groups, option groups, manufacturers, and suppliers can be managed from the LiteCart backendLiteCartLiteCartLiteCartLiteCart - Delivery and sold out statuses are also customizableLiteCartLiteCart - The store's product catalog content can easily be imported or exported in bulkLiteCart - LiteCart also allows administrators to manage countries, currencies, customers, even allowing them to send out newslettersLiteCartLiteCartLiteCartLiteCart - Geographical zones and multi-lingual settings can also be modified from the LiteCart admin panelLiteCartLiteCart - LiteCart can be easily extended via modulesLiteCart - There's a special section in the LiteCart backend where orders can be approved and editedLiteCartLiteCart - Static pages can be added to the LiteCart frontendLiteCartLiteCart - A reports center is where periodic overviews of the store's activity will be shownLiteCart - Various LiteCart store and overall settings can be tweaked at any later pointLiteCart - Images used in the frontend slideshow can be edited from the backendLiteCart - The LiteCart interface can be translated to any languageLiteCart - LiteCart also features a userbase management featureLiteCartLiteCart - The LiteCart frontent looks like the frontends of many other storesLiteCartLiteCart