Download Source Code LumX 0.3.40

LumApps is announcing that LumX with version number 0.3.40 is already available to download.

What is LumX ?

LumX is A frontend UI framework created on top of AngularJS and Google’s Material Design specification, suitable for both mobile and desktop applications .

LumX was created using modern technologies like AngularJS, jQuery, Velocity, Moment.js, SASS, Bourbon, and Neat.The framework is targeting high-level developers and designers that work on mobile or cross-device applications.It is highly recommended that everyone opting to use LumX first study Google’s Material Design presentation, a set of rules for developing more life-like mobile user interfaces.As for LumX itself, the framework comes with proper documentation and lots of built-in UI components, just like all the other frontend UI frameworks on the market today.Developers can opt to deploy these components in their applications, alter them slightly, or even build new ones using the basic LumX core codebase.Included components:Basic typography rulesColoring schemesButton packsIcon fontList displaysData tablesCard layoutsCheckboxesRadio buttonsSwitchesToolbarsProgress indicatorsModal windowsNotification systemTabbed interfacesDropdown elementsFormsSelect elementsFile inputsTooltipsDate pickerScrollbarThumbnail styles

This is changelog for LumX version 0.3.40 :

  • New features:
  • Dropdown: direction automatic

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

LumX - LumX is a frontend framework for building mobile and desktop applicationsLumX - Lots of UI components come built-in with LumXLumX - Components like a date picker, modals, notifications, buttons, forms, cards, tabs, etc. are includedLumXLumXLumXLumXLumXLumXLumXLumXLumXLumXLumX