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is announcing that minicron with version number 0.8.0 is already available to download.

What is minicron ?

minicron is A Ruby toolkit to manage, record, and monitor the execution of one or multiple cron jobs, on one or more local or remote machines .

minicron is a tool for developers and system administrators that want to keep track of local or remote cron jobs.It can work with multiple machines at a time, and will provide a simple overview of past cron jobs, along with the ability to schedule new jobs in the future.minicron takes the pain out of working with cron jobs via the command-line, and moves it to the browser, via a simple Web-based admin panel.This can be really helpful, since this reduces the amount of time spent scheduling and adjusting cron job execution, but the admin panel is also much more good at conveying information than the clogged up CLI.Also, because minicron logs all cron job execution and their results, it can be used in debugging much easier than going through long contorted log files.

This is changelog for minicron version 0.8.0 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

minicron - minicron can be used to manage multiple cron jobs on multiple machinesminicron - Each job can be inspected and developers can view a recent history of executionsminicron - minicron also provides a review of each execution in turn as wellminicron - Scheduling a new job is very easy and there aren't many controls that will confuse users like in other similar solutions