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SocialLOFT is announcing that mooSocial with version number 2.3.1 is already available to download.

What is mooSocial ?

mooSocial is .

mooSocial lets webmasters setup a social network on their own private servers. This platform works on classic LAMP environments and was created to support lots and lots of features out of the box, with the secondary option of making new customizations via plugins. Everything on the network is managed via the platform’s administration panel, where developers can make changes to the frontend’s style, its available features, they can moderate the content, and they can manage the available user accounts. On the frontend itself users can easily sign-up, make new friends, share content with anyone they want, follow and like content from other users, upload videos and images, attend events, or post articles on their personal blogs. mooSocial loads pretty fast, works with responsive layouts, and is also CMS independent, meaning you can also add it on top of any CMS or platform you may be running, and manage it separately from the rest of the site. The engine’s code was written on top of the CakePHP framework, so if you worked with it in the past then you can easily create your own plugins as well. Overall the platform looks like a very professional product, and what’s left is for you to cruise around the demo and see if you decide to buy it.

This is changelog for mooSocial version 2.3.1 :

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: mooSocial - The site's homepage also includes many other options and sections

mooSocial - mooSocial comes with an easy to use administration pagemooSocial - Each user has its own profile on the mooSocial networkmooSocial - They can also search, upload, and share photosmooSocial - The photos comes with a beautiful gallery/picture viewermooSocial - The site's homepage also includes many other options and sectionsmooSocial - A user directory is included for searching for new friendsmooSocial - An installation wizard is also available to guide you through the setup process