Download Source Code n3-line-chart 1.1.10

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Sébastien Fragnaud is announcing that n3-line-chart with version number 1.1.10 is already available to download.

What is n3-line-chart ?

n3-line-chart is A fully-customizable charting module for Google’s AngularJS framework, built on top of D3.js, a powerful and complex visualization toolkit .

n3-line-chart helps developers easily create responsive, eye-caching charts.Various chart types are supported, from basic line graphs, to bar charts, area charts, and stacked area and bar graphs.Developers have full control over the chart’s data, and can also customize various chart interface details.This includes the legend field, the chart’s colors, axis notations, chart title, helper dots, and hover tooltips.Multiple charts can be embedded on the same page, and developers can check out the included n3-line-chart samples for more inspiration.n3-pie-chart, a similar project from the same author dealing only with pie and donut charts is also available.

This is changelog for n3-line-chart version 1.1.10 :

  • Added width and height as HTML attributes.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage:

n3-line-chart - The n3-line-chart library can be used to display statistical data on the Web via chartsn3-line-chart - n3-line-chart supports basic line and time series chartsn3-line-chartn3-line-chart - The library also supports the area and bar chart formats as welln3-line-chartn3-line-chart - Two axes, interactive legend fields, and hover tooltips are also availablen3-line-chartn3-line-chart - Several types of chart formats can be used in the same graphn3-line-chart - Each chart element is styleable and can be customized with any style and designn3-line-chart - n3-line-chart includes support for stacked bar and area charts alson3-line-chart